Shock: Illegal Immigrants in Chicago Demand Paperless Paradise!

A bunch of sneaky illegal immigrants decided to throw themselves a little pity party in Chicago this week, demanding free housing and paid job training. Can you believe the nerve of these people? Holding up signs and whining about wanting jobs and housing like it’s their right or something. Well, sorry, but it’s not.

But get this, folks. The state of Illinois, in all its infinite wisdom, has actually passed a law that forces landlords to rent to these illegal immigrants. That’s right, folks. They’re bending over backwards to accommodate these law-breakers while the rest of us hardworking Americans struggle to afford skyrocketing housing costs. According to some analysis, the average apartment in Chicago now costs almost 2 grand a month! And let’s not even get started on the fact that housing costs have gone up 9% in just a year. It’s insane!

But hey, who needs common sense and the rule of law when we can virtue signal and pander to the woke crowd, right? Just keep flooding our cities with illegal immigrants, who needs public safety and the well-being of our own citizens anyway?

And you know what’s really scary? These illegal immigrants and their liberal enablers are even talking about non-citizen voting and local elections. Can you imagine? Giving people who aren’t even supposed to be here the opportunity to decide what happens in our country? It’s outrageous! We need to stand up and fight against these attempts to undermine the voice of the American people.

So, next time you see a group of illegal immigrants holding up signs and demanding freebies, remember that they are not entitled to anything. We need to prioritize the needs of our own citizens and uphold the rule of law. It’s time to put America first, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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