SHOCKER! Desantis gets Praise from this Liberal Talk Show Host…

In a shocking turn of events, The View’s Sunny Hostin really just praised Governor Desantis before making a backhanded remark about the recent controversy surrounding illegal immigrants.

Desantis gets a lot of endorsements and compliments from the left, which is surprising since he’s doing a lot of things that would seemingly drive them insane.

After Hostin praised the Florida governor, she claimed that he is “brilliant” but insinuated it in an evil manner. This was according to a report posted on the Daily Wire.

During a panel discussion on ABC’s The View, Hostin talked about Hurricane Ian and how both Biden and DeSantis worked together on various issues even though they have political differences.

Palm Beach County Democratic Commissioner Dave Kerner has thrown his support behind Ron Desantis. He served as the mayor of the city of Alachua for two terms and is a former law enforcement officer. He also served as the ranking member of the House of Representatives’ judiciary committee for two terms.

In September, Kerner released a statement supporting Desantis, stating that the candidate was the best choice for Florida. He criticized the Democrat’s plan to defund the police, and he said that the state could not afford Charlie Crist.

Desantis seems to be doing a phenomenal job of reaching across the political aisle and getting support from those who wouldn’t normally support him. Liberal politicians should be taking note of how they can implement policies that will benefit their constituents and meet across the political aisle.

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