LEAKED! Biden Makes Secret Pledge to Al Sharpton Regarding 2024…

It’s widely believed that President Joe Biden made a secret announcement to Al Sharpton, a prominent activist and liberal, regarding his 2024 election plans.

According to NBC News, Biden told Sharpton that he would seek another term in office. Sharpton then informed his staff in Washington.

According to a NAN official, Biden made the announcement while he was posing for a photo with Sharpton in the Roosevelt Room. He said that he would seek another term.

Although Biden has not officially declared his intention to run for re-election, he has been avoiding making a definitive statement about his future plans. His remarks at the end of a meeting with prominent civil rights leaders indicated that he would seek another term.

Some of Biden’s liberal supporters believe that he should not seek a second term. A recent poll conducted by the New York Times and Sinana College revealed that only 13% of Americans think the country is on the right track. The respondents may have noticed that the cost of their Fourth of July festivities has gone up due to high gas prices, or they couldn’t visit their relatives because of the current economic situation.

It must be downright discouraging to Democrats that Biden intends to seek another term. Biden alienated 74 million voters, which means that his chances of winning re-election are slim to none.

Written by Staff Reports

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