SHOCKING: Military Told To Be More ‘Gender Inclusive’ With Insane New Rule

The US Marines are known for their "The Few." They are the Proud. They are the Woke." To help combat the damaging effects of gender stereotyping in their culture, the organization commissioned a study to find ways to avoid engaging in this type of behavior in their training.

Although we generally don't mind identifying the gender of people who are screaming in our ears to clean our gunssights or shine our shoes, the woke youth today may not be completely sure. Afterall, how many genders do we have nowadays?

To avoid confusion, the Marine Corps has created new guidelines to help students interact with their drill instructors. The goal of this initiative is to bring the organization into the modern age.

"According to the report, the Navy, Army, and Coast Guard have started to deemphasize gender in their training. Instead of using terms such as "ma'am" or "sir," recruits are referred to as their drill instructors by their last names and rank. Gender identifiers help recruits identify their instructors' gender before their roles or rank."


What does the Marine Corps think of this?

According to Colonel Howard Hall, the head of the Marine Corps' training division, implementing this change will take time. He noted that the military branch wants to avoid introducing quick fixes to address this issue. Instead, he said that the Marines should focus on developing a more comprehensive training program that will help prepare their new recruits for the future.

The study, which cost over a million dollars, was written by individuals who consider gender stereotyping to be an act of war.

It's believed that the Marine Corps' mission may have changed from fighting in war to becoming a leader in the use of proper gender-neutral terms in the military.

The report noted that instead of using terms such "ma'am” or "sir,” the Marine Corps should replace them with terms such as "drill instructor,” “senior drill instructor,” or “DI.”

The goal of the study was to find a solution that would not only reduce the chances of gender-related discrimination in the training environment, but also make sure that the recruits are treated with dignity and respect.

All the rest is woke nonsense.

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