Biden Funds AI Research To “Censor Microaggressions”

One of the provisions of the American Rescue Plan that most people didn't read was a bill that provided over $500,000 in grants to tech researchers to develop AI systems that can identify and suppress microaggressions in social media posts.

This money was quietly given to researchers at the university in Washington earlier this year. As the work continues, they expect to receive more grants from the government. You might be wondering how the federal taxpayers ended up giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars for the development of an AI system that can suppress free speech.

"According to government records, the Biden administration is expected to provide over $550,000 in grants to researchers to develop an AI system that can identify and suppress online microaggressions.

The funding for the project came from the American Rescue Plan, which was launched by President Joe Biden in March. The grant was awarded to the University of Washington researchers, who are working on developing technologies that can help prevent online users from being subjected to discriminatory language."

According to a report, the researchers are currently working on developing an AI system that can detect and suppress online microaggressions, which are minor forms of discrimination that are typically aimed toward marginalized groups. As with everything else in the anti-discriminatory social justice movement, the people who are involved in the development of the system have to define what exactly microaggressions are.

The system being developed by the researchers would also suppress a post that criticized the idea of hiring white males for certain jobs. As indicated in the report, the program could flag a post that praised the concept of merit as a trigger for liberals.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Hot Air.

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