SHOCKING: Soros-funded prosecutor lets violent felon walk free!

In yet another example of left-wing radicalism run amok, a Soros-funded prosecutor in Northern California has struck a plea deal with a violent felon, allowing him to skip prison time entirely. This is just the latest example of so-called ‘criminal justice reform’ advocates showing favor to offenders at the expense of their victims. It’s no wonder that some people on the Left are accusing anyone who speaks out about this issue of bigotry – they’re desperate to distract from the indefensible outcomes of their policies.

The felon in question, whose crime spree included chasing a man down the street with WD-40, igniting a fireball in a tea house, and even attacking his own wife with a pistol, is clearly a dangerous individual who needs to be behind bars. But the Soros-backed DA, who campaigned on the usual leftist buzzwords of equity and fighting systemic racism, decided that a government “diversion program” was the appropriate course of action. This slap on the wrist is an insult to law-abiding citizens and a direct undermining of the rule of law.

Fortunately, not everyone in the legal profession is willing to go along with this insanity. As we saw with a Chicagoland prosecutor who resigned in protest earlier this month, many career prosecutors are simply not willing to work for officials who undermine their core mission of seeking justice for victims. They’re tired of seeing those who have been devastated by violent crime being neglected in favor of ideology-driven policies that only benefit criminals.

This is not the first time that a leftist prosecutor has abused their power like this. We’ve seen similar disasters in San Francisco, where a woke DA was recalled from office by the city’s famously left-wing electorate, and in St. Louis, where a Soros-funded prosecutor was pressured into resigning.

At the end of the day, the victims of these crimes deserve better. It’s time for the Left to stop catering to criminals and start standing up for the rights of law-abiding citizens. Otherwise, they’ll continue to face public outrage and electoral backlash, as they should.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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