Smoking Gun: DOJ Exposed for Cozying Up with Hunter Biden’s Lawyers!

It’s been 24 hours since Hunter Biden entered a Delaware courtroom expecting to get away with a sweet deal from the Department of Justice. But things didn’t go as planned when U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreikam exposed the collusion between Hunter’s legal team and the DOJ. Former federal prosecutor Will Scharf explains that the plea deal offered to Hunter was structured in a way to hide the full scope of the agreement. While it was publicly described as a pretrial diversion agreement for a gun charge, it actually included immunity from prosecution for Hunter’s foreign influence peddling operations. Judge Noreika wasn’t fooled and called out the lawyers for trying to hide the ball. The DOJ had to backtrack and admit that the investigation into Hunter was still ongoing. Hunter’s lawyers were furious and the deal fell apart, leaving Hunter to plead not guilty. The White House claims the investigation into Hunter was independent, but many believe there was coordination between his legal team and the DOJ. Now, Hunter’s lawyers and the DOJ will have to come up with a new set of agreements that satisfy Judge Noreika, but it’s unlikely that charges related to Hunter’s foreign dealings will be included. This leaves the door open for further investigations and potential prosecutions.

Editorial Opinion: It’s clear that Hunter Biden was hoping to get special treatment and avoid serious charges with this plea deal. Thankfully, Judge Noreika saw through the deception and put a stop to it. It’s concerning that there may have been collusion between Hunter’s lawyers and the DOJ to hide the true nature of the agreement. This case highlights the need for transparency and fairness in our justice system, regardless of who you are. It’s crucial that investigations into Hunter’s foreign influence peddling continue and that he is held accountable for his actions. No one should be above the law, not even the son of the President.

Written by Staff Reports

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