Soros-Funded DA Pushes Racist System Myth in CA

The Alameda District Attorney’s office in California has been caught red-handed indoctrinating its employees with outrageous training materials that promote the ludicrous idea that the criminal justice system is rooted in racism and slavery. Can you believe that? The presentation, entitled “A New Paradigm For Public Safety Restorative Justice Racial Justice Act Training,” spews nonsense about how the carceral state supposedly grew out of chattel slavery. What a load of baloney! This whole idea is so far-fetched it’s laughable.

Not only that, but the DA in charge, Pamela Price, is apparently funded by none other than George Soros. Ah, there it is! No wonder the training materials are filled with such outlandish claims. It’s no surprise that residents are fed up with her policies that have allegedly led to more crime in the area. Who would’ve thought that when you push soft-on-crime agendas, crime rates go up? It’s like basic math, folks!

The training also claims that modern policing originated from slave patrols. Give me a break! And get this – they even suggest that slavery was never fully abolished in the US. Really? Last time this reporter checked, slavery ended a long time ago. But leave it to the leftists to twist facts to fit their narrative.

To top it all off, Price’s office is implementing another training titled “An Invitation to Disability Justice” that promotes opposing societal ideas of normalcy. What’s next? Are they going to start preaching that up is down and left is right? This is pure lunacy!

The petition to recall Price has garnered over 123,000 signatures, and it’s no wonder. With crime on the rise in Oakland and Price’s lenient approach to serious criminals, it’s clear that her priorities are completely skewed. It’s time for Californians to stand up against these radical leftist agendas and demand law and order. It’s time to take back our communities from those who prioritize criminals over law-abiding citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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