South Carolina Governor Signs Heartbeat Bill, Defying Pro-Abortion Lobby’s Lawsuit Threats

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has taken a historic stride toward preserving the right to life by signing the “Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act,” which prohibits abortion procedures after a fetus’s heartbeat can be detected, usually after the sixth week of pregnancy, except in cases of pregnancies resulting from rape and incest or if the mother’s physical health is at risk. Planned Parenthood, a pro-abortion group, announced their intention to sue and block the bill shortly after the legislature passed the law. The bill is the latest in a series of abortion restrictions passed by Republican-led states.

Several pro-abortion groups, including the state’s Democratic Party Chairwoman, have opposed the law, with the latter labeling it a “horrific bill”; it “bans abortion before many women know they’re even pregnant and threatens doctors and nurses with jail time.” Governor McMaster looked forward to defending the legislation against any challenges, believing that “the right to life must be preserved, and we will do everything we can to protect it.” The ban comes after an earlier one in the state was blocked in January due to its violation of the state’s Constitution’s right to privacy.

Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott supports the bill, saying that “the heartbeat bill is a step in the direction of that.” The Republican Party has been working tirelessly to protect the culture of life, and this bill is another example of the party standing up for what is morally and ethically right. State Republicans claimed that they were compelled to pass the bill due to the influx of women from other states to their state for an abortion.

Governor Nikki Haley, a fellow Republican and presidential candidate from South Carolina, has not commented on the controversial Act. While the fight for the preservation of life is ongoing, South Carolina has stepped up to the plate. The signing of this Act is a great day for life in South Carolina.

Written by Staff Reports

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