Study Shows Mass Migration Fails to Boost UK Economy Per Capita

In a recent study, it was discovered that mass migration isn’t the economic miracle some folks claim it to be. The Centre for Policy Studies revealed that despite promises to cut down on foreign arrivals after Brexit, the Conservative Party actually let in record numbers of immigrants. This influx didn’t do much to boost the economy on a per-person basis.

While the pro-migration crowd likes to boast that it brings in more tax money and makes the GDP look good, the reality is a tad different. The UK’s GDP only grew by a smidge last year, and on a per-person basis, it actually dropped. It fell way behind other G7 countries. It’s like being in a footrace where everyone speeds ahead of you, and you’re left wheezing at the back.

The report also found that lots of migrants end up not working or taking low-paying gigs. That’s because the entry bar is set super low. Out of the two million migrants from non-EU countries in the last five years, only a small chunk came to work. The rest? Well, who knows what they’re up to.

Not only does mass migration not pump up the economy, but it also munches up public services. The housing market is choked up, with a whopping 89% of homes not getting built to keep up with population growth. And rent? It shot up 10% in 2022 because of all these newcomers snapping up places.

On top of that, the NHS is feeling the squeeze too. With more people coming in, you’d expect more GP offices, right? Nope. While the population swelled, the offices only grew by a measly 4%. No wonder the wait times keep getting longer.

The report suggests a cap on immigration and a whole new department focused solely on the migrant flow. There’s also a call to bring down the net migration numbers. The Conservatives made a promise to slash those numbers, but it seems they weren’t all that serious about it. Some politicians even said they never planned to make good on that promise. Seems like the mass migration train won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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