Ohio Lawmakers Stall on Biden Ballot Decision

In Ohio, lawmakers finished their work without deciding if President Joe Biden should be on the state’s ballot for the next election. The people in charge, who are mostly Republicans, need to figure this out by May 9 to make sure that Biden can run in November.

Some folks wanted to remove Trump from ballots in different states in the past, but this time it’s about following Ohio’s laws like they should. The law says that political parties must pick their presidential candidates 90 days before the general election. This year, the deadline is August 7, which is before the Democratic convention where Biden should get formally picked.


The Secretary of State for Ohio, named Frank LaRose, says that by May 9, a new rule needs to be made for Biden to be on the ballot. A Democrat leader, Allison Russo, doesn’t think they can fix the problem with a law now and believes they might have to go to court.

One of the top Republicans in the Senate, named Matt Huffman, thinks a judge will say Biden can be on the ballot. Ohio’s Governor, Mike DeWine, a Republican, wants to make sure Biden will be on the ballot, either through a new law or by the courts. He thinks it will happen no matter what.

In Alabama, another Republican state, they made a law to guarantee Biden’s name on the ballot. It passed without any issues. But in Ohio, where Republicans are in charge, the Democrats seem to be causing problems about this. The Senate, with mostly Republicans, voted to change when Biden can be on the ballot, also banning foreign donations for elections in the state. The Democrats seem to care more about foreign money than making sure their candidate can run for President.

Written by Staff Reports

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