Trump Slams Biden for Halting Bomb Deliveries to Israel, Sides with Hamas

Former President Trump is criticizing President Biden’s decision to halt the delivery of bombs to Israel, accusing him of taking the side of Hamas terrorists. Trump claimed that delaying weapons shipments was a victory for Hamas, who had previously attacked Israel. Trump further accused Biden of siding with terrorists and questioned the safety of American hostages being held by Hamas.

Biden had reportedly warned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu against launching an offensive in Rafah, a region in southern Gaza where Hamas is believed to be located. This warning reflects a growing division between Biden and Netanyahu, as the Biden administration expressed concerns about the potential for increased tensions and bloodshed in the Middle East.

Biden defended his decision, emphasizing that his support for Israel remains strong but expressing reservations about the use of certain weapons that have led to civilian casualties in Gaza. The Biden administration has not completely halted weapons shipments to Israel, but the delivery of a specific type of bomb has been put on hold.

The halt in weapons delivery by the Biden administration has faced criticism from the far-left, pro-Palestinian wing of the Democratic Party, with protests taking place across the nation. Meanwhile, former President Trump has indicated support for Israel’s autonomy in resolving the situation and has cast doubt on Hamas’ willingness to return the hostages.

The political differences between the two leaders, as well as the ongoing tensions in the Middle East, continue to shape the debate surrounding U.S. support for Israel. The decision on whether to proceed with the delivery of the remaining bombs to Israel has yet to be finalized, adding to the ongoing discourse on this contentious issue.

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