Suburban Dem Senator Slams Own Turf in Crime Debate!

In a shocking turn of events, Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee) has proven once again why Democrats have a knack for saying things that make you scratch your head in confusion. During a state senate debate on crime, Johnson decided to grace us with her eloquence by proclaiming, and I quote, “F*** the suburbs, because they don’t know a God damn thing about what life is, in the city.” Well, isn’t that just charming?

Now, if you were to hear such a statement, you might assume that Johnson herself grew up in the rough and tumble streets of Milwaukee. Maybe she was a neighbor to the infamous Bad, bad LeRoy Brown, the badest man in the whole damn town. But, hold onto your hats folks, because it turns out that Johnson is not even a native of Milwaukee. Nope, she actually hails from a tiny town in Tennessee called Lagrange. You know, the kind of place where everybody knows everybody, and the biggest crime is someone forgetting to return a borrowed rake.

But wait, there’s more! Johnson didn’t just leave her small town roots for the bright lights of the big city, oh no. She moved to Wisconsin, where she now resides comfortably in a suburban oasis. That’s right, the very same suburbs that she so eloquently decided to drop an F-bomb on during her passionate outburst. How’s that for a bit of irony? Senator Johnson owns a lovely suburban home, nestled away from the supposed horrors of city life. It’s practically a retreat from reality, complete with three bedrooms and a spacious 2,879 square feet. Clearly, she’s had the luxury of distancing herself from the very people she claims to champion.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems a bit hypocritical for Senator Johnson to trash the suburbs when she herself calls one home. Perhaps she’s forgotten how fortunate she is to escape the crime-ridden streets that she claims to be an expert on. If anything, her outburst reveals a lack of understanding and the glaring divide between the liberal elites and the everyday Americans they claim to advocate for.

In the end, it’s just another example of the left’s double standards and disregard for anyone who doesn’t fit their narrow worldview. Maybe one day, Senator Johnson will realize that her own experiences do not define the entirety of suburban life. Until then, we can only hope that her constituents see through the smoke and mirrors and hold her accountable for her divisive, outlandish rhetoric. After all, if she’s so out of touch with the suburbs, how can she claim to represent them?

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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