Supreme Court Blocks Missouri’s Bid to Sue Biden over Social Media Censorship

The Supreme Court has once again yanked the constitutional rug from under the American people, declaring that Missouri lacks the standing to sue the Biden administration over social media censorship. In a 6-3 decision, the justices basically told Missouri and its ilk that they don’t have the right to question Big Tech’s cozy relationship with the White House. Somewhere, George Orwell is rolling over in his grave.

While some liberals might be popping open the champagne, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is not amused. Jordan has been working like a dog investigating how the Biden administration has allegedly pressured social media giants to muzzle conservative voices. With the Supreme Court’s decision, he is now more determined than ever to push for legislative reforms to protect the First Amendment from being trampled.

Jordan argues that the freedom of expression isn’t just first in the Bill of Rights for decoration; it’s fundamental to the fabric of American society. His committee’s investigations have supposedly uncovered a whole treasure trove of evidence showcasing the Biden administration’s attempts to use Big Tech as its personal censorship squad. If this doesn’t ruffle some feathers on Capitol Hill, nothing will. Jordan has long been advocating for the Censorship Accountability Act, which aims to better safeguard Americans from an administration hell-bent on shutting down dissenting voices.

Meanwhile, as the left cheers the ruling, conservatives are left wondering what’s next. Not to be outdone, YouTube has further disintegrated trust by reportedly restricting firearms-related content under the guise of policy changes. Some believe this too was at the behest of government officials desperate to erode Second Amendment rights.

It’s clear that the fight for free speech isn’t over; it’s just moved from the courtroom back to the legislative battlefield. Conservatives are gearing up, and it’s open season on any attempts to expand this so-called “censorship-industrial complex.” Strap in, America—this ride isn’t for the faint of heart.

Written by Staff Reports

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