Swimmer School’s AOC on Female Sports Protection!

Riley Gaines, a well-respected champion swimmer who has since dedicated her time to advocating for women’s sports, took a stand against Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent comments regarding bills that aim to prevent biological men from participating in women’s sports. During the House Oversight subcommittee hearing on the “Importance of Protecting Female Athletics and Title IX,” Ocasio-Cortez made a misguided attempt to fearmonger by discussing potential genital examinations for young girls. Gaines wasted no time slamming Ocasio-Cortez for what she deemed as “incredibly uninformed” and “fearmongering” statements.

During an appearance on Outkick the Morning, Gaines passionately spoke out against Ocasio-Cortez’s claims, pointing out that there is no actual genital inspection for female athletes. Instead, she highlighted that routine physicals and other methods such as birth certificate checks or cheek swabs are used to ensure fair competition. Gaines also called out the real victims in this situation, the female athletes who have had to endure the presence of biological males in their locker rooms.

As the host of Gaines for Girls, a platform dedicated to women’s sports advocacy, Gaines proposed a bold and empowering solution to the issue at hand. She suggested that women should be encouraged to refuse to compete against biological males in women’s sports. Moreover, Gaines demonstrated her commitment to this cause by offering to pay the prize money that women might lose out on by standing up for fair competition.

In a world where the Left is actively promoting the idea of biological men competing in women’s sports, Gaines emphasized the urgency of empowering women to demand fair and equal treatment. She emphasized the importance of reminding women that they are worthy and deserve genuine and fair competition in sports.

Gaines’s bold stance against Ocasio-Cortez’s fearmongering tactics and her advocacy for fair play in women’s sports have once again positioned her as a leading voice in the fight for a level playing field. Her unwavering commitment to this cause serves as a wake-up call to women across the country, urging them to stand up for their rights and reject any attempts to undermine fairness and equality in sports.

Written by Staff Reports

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