Biden Snubs GOP’s Defense Deal, Invites Border Chaos!


President Joe Biden made a bold and ridiculous move today, folks. In his remarks at the White House, he flat-out rejected offers from Republican lawmakers to fund Ukraine’s defense against Russia, Israel’s fight against the terrorist group Hamas, and U.S. border security. No surprises there, as the radical left seems to be a broken record when it comes to caving to other countries while ignoring the needs of our own nation.

And get this, less than 24 hours after Biden’s spineless decision, over 12,000 illegal immigrants waltzed across the southern border. And who are they? Well, surprise, surprise, the majority of them are single adult males. Shocker, right? Not really. It’s just another day at the open U.S. border, thanks to Biden’s weak stance and the Democrats’ refusal to tighten up our border security.

House Speaker Mike Johnson laid it all out earlier this week, making it crystal clear that the Republican position has been on the table since October. He straight up told Biden that any funding for Ukraine is dependent on getting some real security at our border and some real answers about where the money is actually going. But did Biden listen? Of course not! He’s too busy playing politics and turning a blind eye to the chaos at our border.

So, let’s sum it up, folks. The Biden Administration is failing to prioritize America’s security and is more interested in playing games than actually getting things done. The radical left’s unwillingness to address our border crisis is a slap in the face to hard-working Americans who are tired of being ignored. It’s about time the administration starts taking our national security seriously and works with the Republicans to implement real reform to protect our borders. But knowing Biden and his crew, we’re not holding our breath!

Written by Staff Reports

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