Teacher Enjoys Confounding Kids About Gender

According to a report, an elementary school teacher said on Facebook that it was enjoyable to see children get confused about their teacher's gender.

In Louisiana, Blaine Banghart teaches music at an elementary school called University Elementary. Banghart goes by the name MX instead of Mr. or Ms.

According to Fox News, Banghart said that the kids were confused by his name and facial hair. He also said that they asked why he had a mustache and if he was a boy or a girl. He said that he was simply ignoring their questions to avoid getting in trouble.

In response, Banghart said that he was not mad at the kids and that he was just enjoying the confusion. He also said that he was wondering what the kids would do when he gets a mustache and a skirt later this week.

Banghart came under fire earlier this year after parents raised concerns about his clothes and actions during a school board meeting. In a TikTok video, Banghart talked about being able to be both trans and nonbinary while working.

Banghart reportedly told the parents to leave him alone and not imply that he is a trans person because he is not. He said that he lives in Louisiana and it sucks that people would make such claims.

This incident is just one example of how teachers across the country are being forced to share their personal beliefs about sexuality and gender with their students. Parents often don't know about these teachers' actions.

In Minneapolis, a science teacher named Mandi Jung posted a survey on her website, where she asked her students to rate various resources that she has used.

The survey asked the students to provide their own answers to various questions. Some of these included the name that they would like to use when talking to their parents and the pronouns they would like to use when talking to their teacher.

One of the questions asked the students if they were okay with using the pronouns that they had selected when talking to their parents. According to Kimberly Hermann, a legal expert at the Southeastern Legal Foundation, she had never thought that schools would force children to hide their gender identity.

In California, a teacher reportedly taught her students about using the pronouns that they prefer using by giving them a stuffed animal toy llama. The teacher, named Skye Tooley, said that the animal was gender-fluid and that they would use it as a reference when talking about gender.

According to Tooley, kids are more accepting of topics related to gender, sexuality, and gender assumptions than adults. She also noted that these discussions are appropriate for children's development.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Wire.

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