Texas Border Wall Blocked! Judge Sides with Biden Over Lone Star State

In a major blow to the Lone Star State, a federal judge has ruled that Texas must take down its 1,000-foot floating barrier in the Rio Grande. This barrier, which was installed in July as part of Operation Lone Star to combat illegal immigration, has faced criticism from not only Mexico but also the Biden administration. Surprise, surprise! The Biden administration actually sued Texas, claiming that only the federal government has jurisdiction over the Rio Grande. But guess what? A Reagan-appointed judge, David A. Ezra, ruled in favor of the Biden administration. Can we really trust these judges appointed by Republicans? Clearly not!

Judge Ezra, in his lengthy 42-page ruling, argued that the barrier violates the federal Rivers and Harbors Act because it obstructs navigation in the river. Well, isn’t that a crock of beans? Texas doesn’t agree, of course! Texas lawyers have argued that the barrier doesn’t hinder navigation in any way. But apparently, Judge Ezra knows better. Maybe he’s a swimming expert on top of being a judge. Who knew?

Texas came to its own defense by claiming that the barrier was a necessary tool to block migrants and drugs, such as fentanyl, from entering the state. They rightly pointed out that the Biden administration’s weak immigration policies have failed to protect the border. But surprise, surprise again! According to a Wall Street Journal report, the barrier did absolutely nothing to deter migrants. They just waded around the barrier like it was a kiddie pool. And guess what? Turns out fentanyl is rarely smuggled across the border by illegal immigrants. No, no, no! It’s mainly driven in by good old U.S. citizens and other visitors with visas through legal ports of entry. So much for Texas’ argument!

But here’s where it gets fun. Texas, being the sassy state that it is, came up with a novel idea. They argued that the U.S. Constitution allows states to defend their sovereignty in the face of a “foreign invasion.” Now, that’s a spicy legal argument! But of course, Judge Ezra shot it down. According to him, it’s just a “political question” that cannot be decided in court. Well, what’s the point of even having a Constitution if we can’t use it to our advantage, huh?

Governor Greg Abbott didn’t waste any time firing back. Within an hour of the ruling, his office announced that they would be appealing to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Good for them! Governor Abbott is not backing down. In fact, he’s doubling down on his commitment to secure the border, even if it means deploying the Texas National Guard and Department of Public Safety troopers and installing more strategic barriers. You go, Governor Abbott! Texas is ready to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court if they have to. Let’s hope they come out on top and show the Biden administration that Texas means business when it comes to protecting its citizens and upholding its sovereignty!

Written by Staff Reports

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Texas Border Wall Blocked! Judge Sides with Biden Over Lone Star State

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