Bill Maher Fumbles While Branding Trump a ‘Criminal’, Offers No Proof!

On the Joe Rogan Experience, host Mill Maher referred to Donald Trump as a criminal. But, he provided no examples or explanations for his crimes. It is clear that the talk show host's description of the former president as a criminal is nothing but baseless rhetoric.

During their discussion, the two men talked about the former president's tenure and their differences with his administration. While Maher criticized Biden for failing to stand up to the far left wing of the Democratic party, he also noted that it could affect his re-election chances. While he had issues with the former president, his faults were not brought up when compared to Trump.

As he tried to discuss Trump's alleged crimes, Maher was unable to provide specific examples of the laws he had broken. He was vague about what he had done and could not recall the specific laws he was referring to. This lack of evidence makes his claims against the president unsubstantiated.

On the other hand, Rogan read the charges against Trump, which highlights the failure of Maher to support his assertions. Despite this, he still maintains that Biden is a more suitable alternative than the former president.

Adding to his controversial claims, Maher referenced the January 6 Committee's findings, which he claimed proved Trump's wrongdoing. However, it should be noted that this committee defied the Congressional process by not allowing Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, to select his own representatives. His reliance on this biased panel undermines his claims.

In addition, he used a common talking point about Trump's alleged pressure on Brad Raffensperger, the secretary of state of Georgia, to rig the results of the election. However, this claim was debunked by the former official. Instead of providing evidence, the talk show host resorted to repeating the same unsubstantiated claims.

The lack of evidence regarding Trump's alleged crimes undermines the argument made by Mill Maher. He failed to provide specific examples of the crimes he had committed, as well as rely on biased sources and disproven claims, which makes his claims look more like hi

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