Tarrio Gets 22 Years, GOP Stays Silent – Biden’s DOJ Strikes Again!

In a shocking turn of events, former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio has been slapped with a hefty 22-year prison sentence. That’s right, folks, 22 years! It seems like the Biden Department of Justice couldn’t wait to make an example out of a conservative figure. Talk about selective prosecution!

Independent reporter Julie Kelly sat down with Human Events’ Jack Posobiec to discuss this outrageous sentence and called out GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for being the only one with the guts to condemn the DOJ’s conduct. Kudos to Ramaswamy for standing up against this witch hunt!

But what about our beloved former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis? Tarrio and his fellow Proud Boys are residents of Florida, and yet DeSantis has remained disappointingly silent. Come on, Ron, these are your constituents! Kelly was right to call him out for failing to defend them against the DOJ’s vengeful tactics.

Speaking of which, the Biden DOJ’s relentless pursuit of January 6 cases is really getting out of hand. It’s been almost two years since the unfortunate events of that day, and yet they’re still sending out heavily armed FBI teams on raid after raid, arresting over 1,300 people. When will it end?

But here’s the real kicker: while the Biden administration is busy going after anyone remotely associated with January 6, House Republicans are twiddling their thumbs and doing nothing. Kelly pointed out that they have the power to impeach judges involved in these cases, but they lack the spine to do so. Shameful!

And let’s not forget that House Republicans are the ones funding the very institutions responsible for this judicial and legal circus. The D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office, Washington Field Office, and D.C. District Court have created a hellish nightmare for the January 6 defendants. Yet Republicans are just turning a blind eye and going along with it. Unbelievable!

Folks, it’s time for our elected officials to step up and defend conservative Americans who are being unfairly targeted by the Biden DOJ. We need leaders who will speak out against this abuse of power and put an end to the madness. Here’s hoping Ramaswamy’s courageous stance inspires others to do the right thing.

Written by Staff Reports

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