Texas Governor Blasts California Governor’s Border Security Efforts

The office of Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas strongly criticized Gov. Gavin Newsom of California for increasing the number of state military at the Mexico border. The Texas governor's spokesman, Andrew Mahaleris, stated that the move by Governor Newsom was merely for appearance and not for improving security. Mahaleris emphasized the decrease in illegal crossings in Texas due to their border security efforts while pointing out the increase in illegal crossings in states like California and Arizona. He also accused Governor Newsom of acknowledging the border crisis because of the rise in illegal activities at the California border, criticizing him for sending more troops for what he described as a superficial display of action.

Governor Newsom announced the decision to double the number of California National Guard soldiers near the San Diego border; however, he clarified that the increase was not primarily to address the surge in illegal immigration. Newsom indicated that the soldiers would continue to be assigned to ports of entry to assist federal officers in screening for the smuggling of fentanyl. Despite Newsom's explanation, Mahaleris disparaged the California governor's deployment of the military, labeling it as a politically motivated action that would not effectively address the influx of illegal immigrants into California.

Since President Biden took office, the distribution of apprehended illegal immigrants at the southern border has shifted, with a significant decrease in Texas and a notable increase in states like California. In response to this shift, Governor Abbott initiated Operation Lone Star, which involved deploying thousands of Department of Public Safety troopers and Texas National Guard soldiers to aid federal law enforcement in catching smugglers and preventing illegal immigration. The state also implemented various border security measures, such as constructing a border wall and installing barriers in the Rio Grande.

Mahaleris highlighted the substantial financial commitment made by Texas to secure the border, including the allocation of over $11 billion and the deployment of thousands of National Guard soldiers and troopers. Additionally, they set up a military base and installed strategic barriers, demonstrating Texas's extensive efforts to address border security.

Governor Newsom did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.

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