Trump Gains Ground as Biden Falters Among Black Voters According to CNN Analysis

On the conservative side of the aisle, CNN’s senior political data whiz, Harry Enten, made a splash by pointing out that former President Donald Trump has been gaining serious traction with black voters. During a recent chat on “News Central” with host John Berman, the topic veered towards the status of the race among African-American voters.

Enten dropped some knowledge bombs, revealing that Joe Biden’s hold on the African-American vote seems to be slipping. In 2020, Biden was cruising with a solid 86%, but now he’s down to 70%, a 16-point nosedive. And guess who’s reaping the rewards? Yep, you guessed it, good ol’ Trump. From a measly 7% back in the day to a jaw-dropping 21% now, Trump is making waves in the black community. 


The cherry on top? Enten painted a picture of Biden losing his grip on black voters of all ages. Among the 50-and-older crowd, Biden’s lead has shrunk from 83 points to 74. Not a catastrophic dip, but hey, a decline is a decline. Now, let’s peek at the under-50 crew. Biden’s comfortable 80-point lead has plummeted to a mere 37 points. That’s like going from driving a Cadillac to cruising on a tricycle!

Enten couldn’t contain his shock, expressing that if these trends hold, this could be a historic turning point. Black voters, especially the younger ones who used to be die-hard Dem fans, are apparently rethinking their political allegiances. And in the world of politics, a shift this big is like spotting a unicorn – rare and fascinating!

In conclusion, it seems like Trump is silently winning over more black voters, while Biden is watching his support dwindle bit by bit. Who knows what the future holds, but one thing’s for sure – the political landscape is like a rollercoaster ride, and we’re all just holding on for dear life!

Written by Staff Reports

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