Texas Takes Charge: Abbott to OK Bill Booting Border Jumpers!

In a brave move, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is set to sign a major bill that will give the Lone Star State the power to escort illegal immigrants to the border. The Texas Legislature, which is dominated by Republicans, passed the bill in response to the staggering number of illegal immigrants streaming across the Southern border, and now it awaits Governor Abbott’s signature.

The numbers from the feds don’t lie – a whopping 188,778 illegal immigrants were nabbed in October alone. That’s a slight decrease from the 218,763 captured in September, but let’s be real, that’s still way too many folks breaking the law.

Rather than sitting around twiddling their thumbs, Texas Republicans said “enough is enough” and pushed through this bill. They’ve had it up to here with the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border, and they’re taking matters into their own hands.

Under this Texas-sized legislation, illegal immigrants who are apprehended by state and local authorities will face a tough choice – spend up to 20 years in a Texas slammer or hightail it back to Mexico. It’s like choose your own adventure, but with actual consequences for breaking the law.

The bill doesn’t mess around – it says that if these individuals refuse deportation, they’ll be hit with a misdemeanor charge for being in the state, followed by a felony charge. That’s some serious business, and it’s about time.

But don’t be fooled – this isn’t about being mean-spirited. Republican State Rep. David Spiller made it clear that this bill allows Texans to protect Texas. It’s a logical and efficient approach to a problem that has been allowed to fester due to the current administration’s failure to get the job done.

And guess what else? Mexico is throwing a hissy fit, opposing any measure that allows state or local authorities to send people back to Mexico. They’re crying foul, calling it an “anti-immigrant” law that will result in family separation and racial discrimination. Well, maybe they should focus on keeping their citizens on their side of the border in the first place.

On the flip side, the bleeding hearts at National Review are quick to point out that this bill goes against precedents set by the Supreme Court. But come on, when has playing by the rules ever gotten anything done?

This is about protecting our state and our nation. It’s about standing up for what’s right, and not kowtowing to the lawlessness and chaos that has become the norm at our border. So, let’s tip our hats to Governor Abbott and the Texas Legislature for having the backbone to take a stand and actually do something about this mess. It’s time to secure our border and keep our nation safe and strong.

Written by Staff Reports

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