The Real Victims of Fake News

It's hard not to feel a twinge of pity for those poor souls who tune into CNN thinking they're getting real news. Day in and day out, they sit in front of their screens, absorbing every biased, agenda-driven story as if it were the gospel truth.

The saddest part? They genuinely believe they're well-informed. They don't see the blatant omissions, the selective reporting, or the endless spin. CNN has mastered the art of sensationalism, but it’s a masterpiece built on a foundation of half-truths and outright fabrications.

Remember when CNN was caught staging fake news events? Or the countless times they've been called out for pushing false narratives? Yet, there are still those who defend them, claiming it's "the most trusted name in news." It’s like watching someone insist the emperor is fully clothed.

What’s truly tragic is the impact this has on public discourse. People are being misled, divided, and manipulated by a network that cares more about ratings than truth. And who pays the price? The everyday American trying to make sense of a complex world through the fog of misinformation.

Written by Staff Reports

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