The Worst 5 Hours at the Southern Border in U.S. History

Within a few short hours, close to 700 persons made an attempt to surrender and cross the Rio Grande into the United States by doing so at one of the many checkpoints along the river. On Sunday, Breitbart Texas was present at several major migrant crossings and witnessed numerous large and small migrant groups handing themselves over to Highway Patrol troopers, Army National Guard soldiers, and Border Patrol agents in and around Eagle Pass, a small border town in the state of Texas.

Nearly three hundred migrants, the vast majority of them were adults traveling alone, presented themselves to authorities approximately twenty miles north of Eagle Pass in the vicinity of Normandy, Texas. Because of the massive influx of migrants within a short period of time, some members of the migrant group had to wait for many hours before they could be taken to a processing center that was located nearby.

In a span of just five hours, close to 700 people from from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua made their way across the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass. More than two hundred of them were taken into custody by members of the Texas Army National Guard and state troopers who were stationed south of the city. Officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety brought the group to an international port of entry so that they could be turned over to Customs and Border Protection in accordance with a plan devised by Governor Greg Abbott.

Texas Department of Public Safety officers have detained a group of migrants close to the Camino Real Port of Entry while waiting for Border Patrol agents to arrive.

As the temperature climbed above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, law enforcement officers were stationed to provide protection for the migrants at the Camino Real Port of Entry. While the officers waited for several hours for the Border Patrol's overburdened and limited transportation capabilities to arrive, Breitbart Texas monitored the situation from a nearby location.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insiders.

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