Top Democrats Revolt Against Biden’s Catastrophic Border Fiasco!

A significant number of Democrats are starting to abandon ship and criticize Joe Biden for his handling of the southern border, leading to an unprecedented migrant crisis across the nation’s cities. Among those demanding action from Biden, seven prominent liberal politicians and one Independent lawmaker are voicing their concerns and urging the president to take immediate steps to address the situation.

Governor Maura Healey of Massachusetts, who recently declared a state of emergency due to the migrant crisis in her state, criticized the federal government’s lack of action and called it a crisis that has been building up for years. She also demanded that the Biden administration shoulder the financial burden of providing shelter for almost 5,600 migrant families, which amounts to over 20,000 individuals in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez challenged Biden to visit the overwhelmed migrant camps in his city. In an open letter, Lopez invited the president to witness firsthand the challenges faced by Chicago as they wait for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to step up and address the crisis. He blamed Secretary Mayorkas and USCIS Director Jaddou for their lax response, which he claims pushed the city to its limits.

Savannah Viar, spokesperson for the Republican National Congressional Committee, highlighted the Democrats’ hypocrisy in now acknowledging the severity of the border crisis. She pointed out that under Biden’s leadership, the entire country has become a border state, and Democrats who once advocated for open borders are suddenly scrambling to secure them.

Viar also called out New York City and Massachusetts for their own liberal policies that have inadvertently attracted the migrant crisis to their doorsteps. She argued that by creating sanctuary cities, these states essentially invited the problem and are now facing the consequences. She added that these liberal strongholds are now experiencing what southern border cities like El Paso have been dealing with for years.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City accused the federal government of turning its back on the city, while US Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona labeled Biden’s border policies as “dumb.” Even Democrats Katie Hobbs and Ruben Gallegos voiced their discontent and urged Biden to provide more assistance.

The critics of Biden’s border policies hope that their unified voice will finally put pressure on the president to take swift action. However, as Eric Ruark of NumbersUSA points out, the usual response from the Biden administration when Republicans speak out on the issue is dismissal or allegations that they don’t understand the situation or oppose immigration reform.

In summary, Democrats are starting to distance themselves from Biden’s border policies, with some even going as far as demanding more action and assistance from the administration. The reluctance of the federal government to tackle the crisis head-on is putting a strain on cities like Chicago and New York, with taxpayers potentially facing billions of dollars in costs. It remains to be seen if Biden will heed the calls and address the growing concerns about the southern border.

Written by Staff Reports

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