Trans Official Demands “Summer of Pride,” Abandons US Values

The federal government’s highest-ranking transgender official, Rachel Levine, is dictating that the month of June, also known as “LGBTQ+ Pride Month,” is not enough. Levine, the Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary, wants an entire “Summer of Pride” to celebrate all things LGBTQ+ related. Unsurprisingly, Levine is using Twitter and Instagram to speak with LGBTQ+ activists and members of the community to showcase their stories and advocate for even more of their preferences to be allowed by law. Furthermore, Levine compared gender-affirming care to “suicide prevention care,” which is a completely outlandish comparison as no one has ever died from not undergoing gender-affirming care.

As if the indoctrination of the youth by the far-left in American schools weren’t enough, now an official from the US federal government is saying an entire season, spanning three months, should be devoted to promulgating their ideology. It seems as if the American conservative values no longer matter to the liberal establishment within the government. Instead, they insist that their ideology should be indoctrinated into students from an early age, and they should not even be confronted with dissent or counterarguments regarding their opinions. This must stop, as it is high time to emphasize a more traditionalist and conservative approach, where the natural family and its values are at the forefront of society, not radical leftist ideology.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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