Biden Admits Selling State Secrets: Senile Gaffe or Brazen Criminal Cover-up?

President Joe Biden met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House. During their meeting, Biden revealed that he had sold a lot of US secrets to the tech industry. According to the transcript of the meeting, he said that they had discussed a lot of important things. Some people may interpret this as a joke, but it is important to remember that our national security is at risk.

Since Donald Trump became president, any joke he made was regarded as a demotion of the office, or even a prelude to war. Now, Biden's joke has been regarded as a joke by the establishment media, which may be driven by his political affiliation.

The question is if Biden is being ballsy because, despite all the controversies that he has faced, he knows that he will not be prosecuted for any wrongdoing. For instance, in 2020, his former associate, Tony Bobulinski, revealed that he received $5 million in bribes from the founder of a company called Burisma Holdings.

An informant for the FBI claimed that the co-founder of the company had a ledger that included details of the phone calls and payments made to him. The co-founder is reportedly a Russian intelligence asset, and Hunter Biden is reportedly involved in the situation.

Since these allegations and the problematic behavior of his son, Hunter, have raised concerns about Biden's seriousness, it has been asked if he is being irresponsible. Americans expect their leaders to take national security seriously.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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