Trump 2024 Victory March Accelerates with Major NC Endorsement

Former President Trump’s victory march towards becoming the 47th President of the United States is right on track, as he secured a crucial win on Friday. North Carolina’s top-ranking Republican official and Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, has officially endorsed Trump for the 2024 Presidential Election, causing a wave of thundering applause in support.

At the esteemed Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington, Robinson spoke with conviction, stating that America needs a leader who will always “put America first” and knows how to fight against the corrupt and immoral Left during unsettling times. He further praised President Trump for his exceptional skills as a fighter and the way he would boldly represent America on the world stage, waving the American flag high and proud to show that America is finally in charge once more.

The pastor expressed his fervent belief that Trump can lead America towards a bright and hopeful future, as the nation today is far from what Robinson remembered it being when he was younger. He warned his listeners that if we don’t make the right moves in 2024, the nation will fall to the ground, causing permanent damage that could lead to disastrous long-term effects.

Robinson painted a vivid and ominous picture of what America would look like if Democrats continue to control the country, comparing it to the oppressive and tyrannical regimes of Hitler, Mao, and Stalin. His point was clear, that the United States has no choice but to make sure that Trump becomes the next President.

Notably, it’s essential to mention that Robinson has avoided endorsing any candidate officially until now. It bears testament to the fantastic and magnetic character of Donald Trump, who has managed to secure Robinson’s support for the 2024 elections. The Republican Party has always hailed Trump for his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and his high-impact economic policies, and it’s no wonder that even Robinson is firmly in his corner.

One can never be so sure what the future holds, but with former President Trump’s momentum steadily increasing, it’s quite possible that we will indeed see him back in the Oval Office, making America great once again.

Written by Staff Reports

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