Obama Exploits Sub Tragedy to Push Liberal Agenda, Ignites Outrage

Barack Obama, the former Divider in Chief, has once again proven that he can politicize any tragedy to fit his liberal agenda. In a recent appearance on CNN’s “Obama & Amanpour,” he called out “right-wing” media for creating fear and for excessive coverage of the sub tragedy. He also took the opportunity to blame the media for not giving equal attention to the story of a migrant boat sinking off the coast of Greece, which has left hundreds presumed dead.

While Obama is correct in pointing out the tragedy of the boat sinking, bringing up the sub tragedy to make his political point is just plain wrong. The bodies of the presumed dead from the sub have not even been recovered, and already he is using their deaths to further his agenda. And let’s be real, the migrant ship sinking is not a problem that America is in a position to solve.

Furthermore, some of the social media commentary about the sub and its occupants has been downright nasty and despicable. But instead of focusing on the tragedy and sending condolences to the families affected, the media has used it as an opportunity to attack the “white rich dudes” who were on board. And the New Republic even went so far as to link the CEO’s political donations to the tragedy. What does that have to do with anything?

Obama has a history of using tragedies for political gains, and this is just another example of his divisiveness. It’s time to focus on the victims and their families, rather than using their deaths to further a political agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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