Biden’s Censorship Campaign Exposed: Silencing Conservatives with Big Tech’s Help

The Biden Administration and its leftist cronies aren’t just pushing unconstitutional mandates during the Covid pandemic; they’re also working to silence the voices of anyone who dissents from their narrative. Nobody embodies this Orwellian censorship more than Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fortunately, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey isn’t afraid to take on this tyrannical establishment, and he recently gave powerful testimony before the Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic about their scandalous unconstitutional acts.

Bailey revealed that his office obtained 20,000 pages of evidence about how federal officials have attempted to censor free speech during the pandemic, even from the industry giants of Big Tech. Top dogs in the Biden bureaucracy “flag specific speech that officials dislike and badger the companies to suppress that speech”. These Big Tech companies have been eager to comply, conforming themselves to a few enormously powerful actors eager to eliminate any content they dislike. What’s even worse, Biden’s lawyers recently disclosed in open court that the content most frequently suppressed by the government is conservative; this has nothing to do with truth and everything to do with power.

Bailey then delved deeper into the threefold strategy employed by the Biden Administration. First, officials threaten to remove legal protections from Big Tech companies or issue statements that harm their public image. Second, they liaise with Big Tech and direct them on what they should censor. And lastly, once they have made their requests, the government promises to back down from public statements that could harm the companies if they cooperate. This has created an enormous federal censorship network that embattled Americans must fight to preserve their First Amendment rights.

The legal misinterpretation of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has only made matters worse by giving more power to Big Tech and allowing them to consolidate control, reducing pressure to not censor. Perhaps most astonishing is that federal officials set up a Disinformation Governance Board last year to coordinate censorship efforts between government agencies. With all of this going on, Bailey believes that the government is in fact attempting to do, often indirectly, what it is prohibited from doing directly.

Bailey also believes that the evidence shows that conservative voices are being targeted by this censorship. Biden’s lawyers revealed in open court that almost all content suppressed by the government is conservative. This is nothing new, as top bureaucrats such as Dr. Fauci have publicly supported this censorship and gone so far as to say that if he and his colleagues do not believe a particular claim to be true, Americans should not be allowed to have an open debate on the matter.

The government is not only censoring conservatives, but they are also tearing down the legacy of free speech that separates America from other nations. Our founding generation enshrined the right to free speech in the First Amendment, and Bailey is fighting to ensure that Americans can continue to enjoy this foundational right that no government official should be allowed to suppress.

Bailey believes there’s no question that the Biden administration is collaborating with Big Tech to censor Americans during a national emergency. This sort of behavior is unacceptable and unconstitutional, and Bailey is working to protect the interests of free Americans everywhere. Bailey has revealed to the Subcommittee the Biden administration’s various attempts to silence free speech and restrict certain scientific viewpoints during the Covid pandemic. His courageous and passionate testimony urges Americans to make the most of their rights to free speech by doing everything they can to preserve it. Otherwise, it appears we will all suffer the consequences of a nation that has lost faith, hope, and confidence in the very mechanisms that make our democracy possible.

Written by Staff Reports

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