Trump Allies Fail to Boot RINO Vos; Signatures Fall Short!

Tuesday marked an unexpected setback for the devoted supporters of former President Donald Trump in Wisconsin, as their endeavor to remove State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos from office failed miserably. Notwithstanding their assertions of amassing an excessive quantity of signatures to compel a recall election, the Wisconsin Elections Commission ascertained that they fell short by approximately 900 signatures.

The Republicans had endeavored to depose Vos on account of his stance against decertifying the victory of President Joe Biden in the 2020 election, specifically in Wisconsin, where Biden had secured the victory by a narrow margin of less than 21,000 ballots. Matthew Snorek, the organizer of the recall, vehemently declared at a news conference that he represented the entire state of Wisconsin in his determination to put an end to the "era of corruption, tyranny, and secret dealings" associated with Vos.

At the outset, Snorek audaciously declared that they had gathered 4,000 additional signatures in excess of what was mandated for the recall. Upon review by the state election commission, however, only 9,053 signatures were declared valid; Vos's district contributed 5,905 of those.

Recent modifications to legislative maps further complicated the dispute over the authenticity of the signatures; the Supreme Court had decided not to specify whether the newly enacted maps should be implemented prior to November. As a result, the validity of including the signatures collected in support of Vos's recall in his newly drawn district remained dubious.

Snorek responded to these developments by asserting his certainty that the collected signatures belonged to electors who were registered in Vos's district and not those whose districts were affected by the recently redrawn maps. Notwithstanding his involvement in the implementation of the revised maps that introduced uncertainty regarding the validity of signatures, Vos maintained his resolute stance, provoking discontent among his Republican colleagues and Trump by defending Biden's victory in Wisconsin and neglecting to impeach the state's highest election official. Vos guaranteed a thorough examination of every single signature gathered in preparation for his re-evaluation, suggesting that the conflict is still ongoing.

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