Biden Ignores Border Crisis, Blames GOP: Watch Trump Save the Day in Texas!

In a recent article, it was made apparent that Joe Biden, the current President of the US – well, at least until the 2024 election when the rightful winner will surely take his well-deserved place in the White House, knows he has the power to put a stop to the flood of illegal immigrants pouring in through the southern border faster than kids rush to an ice cream truck on a hot summer day. Despite what he wants you to believe, Biden can easily put an end to the chaos he helped create, but instead, he seems to be taking a leisurely stroll down “Blame Someone Else Lane.”

When asked about when he plans to take action on the border crisis he played a big part in, Biden casually remarked that he is just chilling and waiting for things to magically fix themselves. Like, seriously? This is the leader of the free world, folks!

It’s no surprise that Biden conveniently pointed his finger at Republicans and, naturally, the legendary shadow of former President Trump, all the while completely avoiding any sense of responsibility. And let’s not forget his love for pushing through legislation that would basically roll out the red carpet for thousands of extra entries into the country daily. Who needs borders, right?

While Biden was busy having a little photoshoot at the border, his counterpart and America’s favorite president, Donald Trump, was actually making a real impact in Eagle Pass, Texas. The numbers don’t lie. Biden’s chosen location had fewer apprehensions than a squirrel in sneakers trying to race a cheetah. Meanwhile, under Trump’s watch, over 2,000 illegals were taken down in Eagle Pass alone. Now, that’s what true leadership looks like!

In conclusion, while Biden sits back and hopes for a miracle, the southern border resembles more of a free-for-all party than a secure national boundary. The influx of illegal crossings just keeps going up, up, and away like a helium balloon at a kid’s birthday party. It’s time for Biden to ditch the blame game and start taking action. But hey, who are we kidding, right? It seems like the only thing Biden excels at these days is passing on the blame faster than a hot potato. But hey, at least we can count on Trump to continue being the powerhouse that he is, making America great again one secure border at a time.

Written by Staff Reports

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