Trump Allies Mobilize to Root Out Opposition in Federal Government

The Democrats continue to underestimate Donald Trump, assuming he hasn’t learned anything about Washington, D.C. over the past four years. If reelected, they’ll witness Trump’s education on how they operate. Tom Jones and his American Accountability Foundation are on a mission to root out potential “deep state” operatives within the government who may oppose Trump’s policies. With a $100,000 grant from the Heritage Foundation, they aim to expose and potentially remove these individuals.

Jones’s group is also collaborating with the Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025,” which includes reinstating the Trump-era Schedule F policy to reclassify federal employees as political appointees, making it easier to terminate them. This initiative targets career professionals who may obstruct Trump’s plans for immigration and deportations. Critics denounce these efforts as McCarthyism and an attack on democracy, but Jones insists on the importance of scrutinizing those who oppose the administration’s policies. 


The American Federation of Government Employees and Democracy Forward are pushing back against Jones’s group, framing their actions as attempts to intimidate federal employees and undermine democracy. However, Jones remains steadfast in his mission to ensure that those working against the administration are identified and possibly removed. As plans for a potential second Trump administration take shape, cleaning house of opposition within the government seems to be a key priority. And as Trump aims to secure his leadership, he may just have the last word.

Written by Staff Reports

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