Trump-Appointed Judge in Hot Seat: Bias or DOJ Witch Hunt?

A judge appointed by former President Donald J. Trump is set to preside over a high-profile case relating to a raid on the Mar-a-Lago estate. Judge Aileen Cannon, previously criticized by higher courts, has been chosen, and this could mean the judge who put her in the position is at risk of a hefty prison sentence.

Judge Cannon is no stranger to the case and made significant decisions last year as she restricted the use of the documents seized and gave Trump several favorable judgments. However, an 11th Circuit Court of appeals panel overturned her decisions and found that the judge had exceeded the limits of her authority in exercising her jurisdiction in the probe.

Since the case is being handled by judges with prior knowledge, they seem to be the right ones for the job. Even though Cannon was appointed by Trump, the Trump team still plans to fight to keep her in charge over any opposition that the case may bring.

This case is yet another demonstration of how the Department of Justice continues to harass and target those associated with Donald Trump, despite having no real evidence. The conservatives are losing faith in the justice system as the Democrats manipulate the judicial system to achieve their goals.

Joe Cunningham, senior editor of RedState, former teacher, and coach, rightly points out how divisive and poisonous these charges can be to our country. Indeed, the Democrats keep targeting the former President and his allies even though he is not in power anymore. The country needs to focus on healing and making progress, rather than engaging in politically motivated legal actions against those who are not guilty.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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