Trump Celebrates B-Day, Tapper Censors: CNN Can’t Handle Rising 2024 GOP Star

Trump appeared in court in Florida and pleaded not guilty to all the charges brought against him. Following his court appearance, Trump visited the famous Cuban bakery known as Versailles. His supporters greeted him and wished him a happy birthday.

Even though Donald Trump was looking at home as he made his way toward his supporters, CNN's Jake Tapper was not able to deal with the network's decision to show live footage of his interactions with them. During "The Lead," Tapper was able to show footage of his supporters singing Happy Birthday to him.

Tapper was not happy with the situation, so he immediately cut the feed. He argued that Trump was trying to turn the situation into a campaign ad, and he didn't need to watch anymore.

It is unprecedented for prosecutors to bring charges against a former president. Since Trump could run for president again, Tapper and Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC are struggling with the idea. Given his current standing, Trump could easily be the Republican nominee in 2024. Trump's supporters loved him when he visited a Cuban bakery.

As a result, both Wallace and Tapper are struggling with the idea of Trump becoming the Republican candidate for president in 2024. They are therefore censoring their airwaves and cameras. They refuse to show footage of Trump's interactions with his supporters.

They need to realize that Trump's interactions with his supporters are so extraordinary that no Republican candidate can beat him. It's also unlikely that anyone will change his supporters' support, which will continue to be there for him no matter what the mainstream media says.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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