Newsom Admits Homeless Crisis in CA, Dodges Blame & Slams DeSantis

In a recent confrontation with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, California governor Gavin Newsom (D) admitted that the issue of homelessness in his state is a “disgrace.” However, he quickly shifted the blame to high housing costs, regulations, and local opposition to new building. While he acknowledged that California has made little progress in the last two decades concerning homelessness, he refuted comparisons to Florida, citing “different dynamics.”

Despite the rampant homeless encampments visible throughout California, Newsom downplayed the severity of the state’s problems, claiming that crime in San Francisco, where he used to run, is not as bad as it seems. Notably, Newsom refuted any possibility of challenging President Biden in the 2024 primaries, stating that he would not challenge a “man of decency and character.” He also dismissed Republican Ron DeSantis as a contender, claiming that he has “belly-flopped” and will be vetoed by former president Trump.

While Newsom’s confession to California’s problematic homelessness issue is commendable, his hesitancy to own up to the severity of the Golden State’s problems reveals his political agenda. He blames high housing costs, regulations, and local opposition instead of addressing the root cause of the issue, which is failed liberal policies and lack of action by the Democrat-controlled government. Additionally, his refusal to acknowledge the severity of quality of life issues and homelessness in California comes as no surprise as it has been a consistent issue under his leadership.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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