Trump Celebrates Pre-Birthday in DC, Hints at 2024 Run with GOP Lawmakers

Former President Donald Trump had a pre-birthday celebration in Washington, D.C. with his fellow Republican lawmakers. It was his first time back in Capitol Hill since leaving office in 2021. The GOP members enjoyed cake while looking forward to Trump’s upcoming birthday on Friday. The cake had candles with the numbers 45 and 47, symbolizing Trump’s previous presidency and his potential future term as the 47th president. Trump humorously asked for a knife to cut the cake, as a tradition suggests that wishes made while cutting a birthday cake come true.

The ex-president joked with the lawmakers about his birthday wish, expressing that it would have something to do with the room. Trump will be turning 78, making his opponent, President Joe Biden, the oldest sitting president at 81. If Biden were to win another term, he would be 86 at the end of it.

During Trump’s visit to the capital, he had a private meeting with the politicians to discuss his potential 2025 agenda if elected. The topics of conversation included abortion, immigration, foreign aid, and taxes.

Written by Staff Reports

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