Trump Could Turn Minnesota Red Polls Show Dead Heat With Biden

Donald Trump might be on the verge of turning the traditionally liberal state of Minnesota red. According to recent polls, Trump could be on the cusp of flipping this blue stronghold, leaving the Biden campaign scrambling to batten down the hatches.

The venerable Emerson College Polling and The Hill found Trump with a slight lead over Joe Biden in six swing states and locked in a dead heat in Minnesota, each candidate sitting pretty at 45 percent. Since Trump’s conviction last month, little has changed in key swing states, revealing that the mainstream media might be clueless about the real political dynamics at play.

Trump’s campaign isn’t sitting on its laurels. They’ve been setting up shop in Minnesota, signing eight leases for their “Trump Force 47” offices, a move signaling their serious intent to win. These new outposts bolster Trump’s already robust ground game and create multiple pathways to the necessary 270 electoral votes. Minnesota, along with Virginia, could add significant muscle to this strategy.

Should Trump manage to clinch Minnesota, it would be a seismic shift, marking the first GOP victory there since Nixon’s heyday in 1972. Back in 2016, Trump almost grabbed the Gopher state but narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton. With the winds of change seeming to blow his way, Trump’s return to the political fray appears stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, pollster Frank Luntz opines that the media underestimating Trump’s chances in Minnesota is a glaring oversight. He points out that Trump’s resilience in the polls, even after a barrage of legal setbacks, signifies a political landscape that the media doesn’t grasp.

Despite the Democratic National Committee furiously pouring over $500,000 into Minnesota for staffing, tech, and outreach, Biden’s position looks increasingly flimsy. If the Democrats thought money would keep Minnesota in their corner, they might be in for a rude awakening this November.

Written by Staff Reports

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