Top Obama Fundraiser Defects to Trump, Slams Biden and Democrats Ahead of 2024 Election

Big news from the land of liberal donors: Allison Huynh, a former heavyweight in Obama fundraising circles, has decided she’s had enough of President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ disregard for the United States. She’s doing a complete political U-turn for the 2024 election.

Forget about funding leftist campaigns; Huynh is now directing her financial prowess toward former President Donald Trump’s bid for a return to the White House. As the co-founder of Willow Garage, a company specializing in robotics and AI, Huynh has mastered the art of innovation. Now, she’s bringing that innovative spirit to the political arena, citing a laundry list of grievances with Biden and the Democrats, earning them an unceremonious boot.

Huynh likens her departure from the Democratic Party to a divorce, noting that it wasn’t one incident but a constellation of failures that pushed her away. How could she ignore the cresting crime rates, runaway inflation, and an immigration crisis Biden seems too senile to tackle? The final straw appears to be the Democrats’ bizarre fixation on policing everything but actual violent crime.

Living in the progressive utopia of San Francisco has given Huynh a front-row seat to the disaster that is Democrat-run cities. Crime and looting are rampant, and instead of addressing real crime, the Democrats are more interested in virtue signaling about woke policies. She paints a vivid picture of a city where criminals roam free while residents fend off the latest round of thievery from their local grocery stores and step over used needles on their way to work.

While Biden is apparently napping through his presidency, Huynh had the chance to meet Trump at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser. Her impression? Night and day compared to Sleepy Joe. Trump was sharp, engaging, and immensely well-informed about the issues plaguing America today. From education to business, Trump was on top of it all, surrounded by people with a common-sense approach to governance.

Huynh also gave a nod to the success of Trump’s 2016 Jobs Act, praising its role in encouraging investment and sustaining the country’s economic health. She sees in Trump the kind of leadership that can rescue America from its current malaise, brought to us courtesy of the Democrats and their baffling policies.

So, for all those keeping score, even formerly staunch Democratic donors are waking up to the disaster that is Joe Biden and shifting their support to Trump. It’s looking like 2024 might be the year common sense makes a comeback.

Written by Staff Reports

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