Trump Campaign Ignites With New Offices in Key States as Biden Lead Narrows

While President Joe Biden’s campaign might have had a head start, Donald Trump’s team is revving their engines with fresh cash, ready to hit the ground running. What’s more exciting? The Trump campaign is rolling out eight new offices in Minnesota and eleven in Virginia. Democrats assumed they’d have a lock on these states, but it seems like Trump is about to give them a run for their money.

Political director James Blair is confident these new offices will create “at least 12 additional pathways to 270,” making the target of 270 electoral votes well within reach. With ten electoral votes in Minnesota and thirteen in Virginia, it looks like the Trump train is gearing up for a showdown in what were once thought to be safe blue states.

There’s even more to be optimistic about. The latest reports show that the Republicans are getting giddy over Virginia. Trump is making strides in the polls, closing in on Biden’s lead. Let’s not forget Virginia’s popular Republican governor and a nearly split legislature—it seems like the Democrats’ grip is slipping.

Donald Trump’s eyes have always been set on Minnesota. He was just a hair away from beating Hillary Clinton there in 2016, and now, with Biden’s lead shrinking from a comfortable seven points down to a razor-thin 2.7%, the state might flip red for the first time since Richard Nixon. A Democratic trifecta may currently rule Minnesota, but the tides are turning.

Trump’s strategy could give him a fighting chance where Democrats once felt secure. Watch out, Biden—Trump’s campaign is shifting gears and is ready to make a splash in what were once solidly blue waters. Buckle up because this election cycle is about to get interesting.

Written by Staff Reports

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