David Brooks Supports Trump’s Green Card Proposal for Foreign Graduates

On a recent segment of “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks shared his thoughts on former President Donald Trump’s proposal to grant green cards to foreign nationals graduating from American colleges as part of his 2024 presidential campaign agenda. Brooks surprisingly expressed his support for this initiative, suggesting that Trump’s approach aligns with the interests of business executives and wealthy individuals.

Brooks speculated that Trump’s stance on immigration stems from his background as a business executive and his focus on pleasing affluent individuals. He noted that during the discussion, Trump seemed to be catering to the concerns of tech executives, for whom immigration policies are a top priority. The columnist tentatively endorsed Trump’s sincerity regarding the proposal, emphasizing the supposed benefits of such a measure as “common sense.”

Furthermore, Brooks highlighted what he perceived as a shift within the MAGA movement towards more extreme positions compared to Trump’s stance. He pointed out that the movement has veered further to the right on issues like abortion and immigration, implying that Trump may be adapting to accommodate these evolving viewpoints.

In essence, Brooks’ analysis painted Trump as a shrewd politician who strategically navigates conversations with influential figures to advance his policy agenda. By portraying the former president as a savvy business executive attuned to economic interests and a politician catering to the wishes of wealthy donors, Brooks offered a nuanced perspective on Trump’s approach to immigration and his evolving position within the conservative movement.

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