Trump Ditches “Loser” Romney, Backs America First Star for Utah Senate

Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and one of the most prominent critics of Donald Trump, has reportedly gotten under the president's skin. He has been a vocal critic and even participated in impeachment hearings against the president. It's no secret that Trump's endorsement helped Romney become a senator in Utah, a state that is heavily Republican. But now, the president is refusing to support him for re-election.

During an interview with the Breitbart News, Trump called Mitt Romney a “loser” and a “bad person” for the country. He also noted that the former Massachusetts governor has no respect within his own party and referred to him as a “terrible Republican” and a person who should be ashamed of himself. Trump additionally accused Romney of participating in anti-war protests alongside individuals who are referred to as "real terrorists."

During a press briefing, Trump revealed his nickname for Mitt Romney, who he referred to as "Kryptonite." He said that when Romney endorsed a candidate, their chances of winning immediately decreased. Trump also shared stories about the other candidates he had endorsed, whose leads suddenly vanished after the former Massachusetts governor's endorsement.

Trump was asked if Romney would be re-elected in the upcoming election in Utah, and he predicted that the former governor would not be able to win. He stated that a better candidate would be able to take him down. Trump claimed that the people of Utah would want a conservative who puts the country first.

Riverton's mayor, Trent Staggs, is currently making waves in the Republican Party after he criticized Romney. He told The Federalist that conservatives across the country would benefit from replacing Mitt Romney with someone who is more conservative. He said that the former Massachusetts governor had failed to address the issues of Utah and was not able to connect with its residents.

As a candidate, Staggs believes that the country should prioritize its first and foremost interests. He also promises to maintain a positive relationship with his constituents. According to him, the real issue is the government's spending. It's clear that the conservative movement in Utah is ready for a change, and they want a candidate who will stand up for their values instead of someone who will sell out their interests to radical groups.

Mitt Romney should watch out, as Donald Trump has just endorsed a candidate who shares the same principles of America First and conservatism. It's clear that the people of Utah want a conservative in the Senate who will stand up for their values instead of someone who will sell out their interests to radical groups. With that in mind, it's time for Mitt Romney to go away and let the Republican Party of Utah and the country move forward.

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