Shocking Reveal: First Son’s Rock-Bottom Lifestyle and Financial Fiasco!

Newly released documents have exposed the troubled past of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. The documents, made public by U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika, reveal the extent of Hunter Biden’s personal struggles, including his addiction to crack cocaine and his reckless spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars. These revelations came as part of Hunter Biden’s failed plea agreement, which would have spared him from prison time. It is believed to be the first plea deal offered for such charges in Delaware.

According to the joint filing between prosecutors and Hunter’s attorneys, his addiction to drugs escalated following the death of his brother in 2015. By 2016, he had moved on from alcohol abuse to abusing illegal drugs, specifically crack cocaine. Despite his addiction, Hunter managed to enter into lucrative business ventures and attract legal clients, earning millions of dollars in the process.

However, his situation deteriorated in the following year, which he described as a “spring and summer of nonstop debauchery.” Despite earning hundreds of thousands of dollars during that period, Hunter found himself cash poor, spending money that should have gone to the IRS. In the spring of 2019, he received a substantial sum of $758,000 from his business dealings, but within a month, he had spent almost the entire amount on personal expenses, including cash withdrawals, payments for his children, credit card balances, and car payments for his Porsche.

Fortunately, Hunter made a positive turn in May 2019 when he entered sober living and paid off $2 million in IRS debt over the span of two years, with the assistance of an unnamed third party.

In addition to his financial woes, Hunter admitted to illegally denying using crack cocaine on a government form when he purchased a revolver in 2019. The filing states that he owned the gun for 11 days and regularly used crack cocaine during that time before discarding the gun in a trashcan outside a supermarket.

The plea deal collapsed last week when Judge Noreika raised concerns about potential charges related to Hunter’s failure to register as a foreign agent while allegedly collecting millions of dollars for representing overseas companies. Hunter’s attorneys backed off the deal after prosecutors revealed an ongoing investigation into his alleged violations.

Last week, Devon Archer, Hunter’s former best friend who faced prosecution for defrauding a Native American tribe, testified that then-Vice President Biden was fully aware of his son’s questionable business activities, which funneled millions of dollars to Hunter and other Biden family members. President Biden, however, has vehemently denied these allegations.

Written by Staff Reports

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