Trump Exposes Biden Family Corruption, Media Silent!

Former President Donald Trump did not hold back his criticism of President Joe Biden and his family during an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling on Monday night. Trump called the current administration “the most corrupt in the history of this country” and accused the Biden family of amassing millions of dollars in payments while the mainstream media protects them.

Despite the recent revelations of bank accounts linked to Hunter Biden receiving $5.1 million from his Chinese business partner Henry Zhao, the media has remained largely silent on the issue, with only outlets like Newsmax and conservative publications reporting on the scandal. The 45th President accused the media of refusing to cover the story, claiming that they “don’t want to talk about it” and that “it’s a disgrace”.

He also asserted that the media has failed to hold the current administration accountable and that they only support Biden and his policies. Trump expressed his frustration with the media’s lack of coverage on what he called a “disgraceful” issue and urged Newsmax to continue to report on it. The former President’s comments reflect the sentiment of many conservatives who believe that Biden and his family have been protected by a biased media while engaging in corrupt behavior.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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