Armed Employee Stops Vegas Shooter: Cover-up by Local Officials?

In Las Vegas, a heroic employee was able to take down the gunman at the Turnberry Towers. Although the shooter was initially not expecting to encounter such an armed individual, he had entered the building with multiple rounds. The employee was able to quickly draw his weapon and take him down despite the gunman's attempts to escape. Unfortunately, the local officials are allegedly trying to cover up the incident.

There is no justifiable reason for the police to continue to withhold information regarding the heroic actions of a civilian who took down the shooter. It boggles the mind why they are refusing to confirm the details of the incident. It is also ridiculous that they are considering filing charges against the employee who shot the gunman in the back even though he was already fleeing the scene. No one should be allowed to go after an active shooter even after they have already started shooting.

It is very common for law-abiding gun owners to save the lives of innocent individuals. Despite this, it doesn't get much attention from the media due to political reasons. Those who follow the Second Amendment and don't violate the law are still a threat to those who commit mass murders.

We will keep you informed as this situation develops.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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