“Transgender Cyclist’s Audacious Claim: More Men Needed in Women’s Sports”

In a recent interview with Knox News, Austin Killips, a cyclist who is biologically male but fights with biological women, said that there aren't enough biological men participating in women's sports and that he was afraid that backlash against this trend would keep more men from joining these events. This only shows that we are living in a clown world. The problem isn't just that Killips thinks more guys should compete against women. The problem is that they think they can fool, force, or shame the rest of us into agreeing with them. They are part of a big lie that makes some people feel good and good about themselves.

Everyone knows that men and women have different bodies. Men have more testosterone, which helps them build more muscle, have stronger bones, and carry more oxygen. Even if women athletes get hormone therapy to lower testosterone levels, these biological differences give men a big physical edge over women sports. Putting real guys in women's games makes the playing field unfair and goes against the idea of fair competition.

Also, letting biological guys participate in women's sports is about protecting chances and funding for female athletes. Women's sports have been overlooked and undervalued for a long time, and giving women the same chances as men to do well in sports has been a key part of supporting gender equality. If biological guys are allowed to play women's sports, it might be harder for female players to do well, get funding, or get noticed. This can make female players feel bad about themselves and make them less likely to pursue their athletic goals.

But progressive campaigners keep pushing their cause and putting down people who don't agree with them. They are pushing biological men into women's sports without shame, rejecting that there are biological differences between men and women, and calling racists anyone who disagrees with their point of view.

It is not bigoted to fight for fairness in sports and to protect chances and funding for women in sports. We need to stand up and speak out against this clear disrespect for fair competition and women's sports.

Written by Staff Reports

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