Biden’s Economic Fairy Tale: KJP Believes Americans Love His Policies

The latest statement from the Biden administration claiming that Americans are feeling better about their finances due to President Biden's policies is from White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre. It's hard not to pity her due to how she's been forced to defend a president who has been regarded as one of the worst in the history of the United States.

The claims made by KJP are completely ridiculous, as inflation has reached its highest level in 40 years. Also, according to Congressman Bob Good of Virginia, the only people who feel better about themselves financially are the Biden Crime family.

It is laughable that Biden claims that his policies will create high-paying union jobs. Only 10.1 percent of workers belonged to a union in 2022, and it is time for Biden and KJP to stop living in 1963.

Not only Republicans but also other groups are criticizing the Biden administration's false claims about the improving financial situation of Americans. According to Guy Reschenthaller, a Republican from Pennsylvania, the cost of living has increased by 15.5% since the president took office, and wages have decreased by 3.2%.

It's time for the press secretary and Biden to face the reality. Americans are going to get worse under the president's disastrous policies, and they should remember this during the upcoming election.

Source:: RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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