“CNN’s Failed “Gotcha” on Trump: Iran Memo Controversy Proves to be Hot Air”

Just when you thought the Democrats’ obsession with trying to take down former President Donald Trump couldn’t get any more ridiculous, CNN goes and releases a leaked audio recording that they claim shows Trump discussing a secret document about Iran. According to the network, this recording could be a game-changer and might finally bring down the man they have been trying to destroy for years.

But hold your horses, because CBS has just dropped a truth bomb. They are reporting that the Iran memo mentioned in the leaked audio isn’t even part of the classified documents that Trump is being charged with unlawfully retaining. That’s right, folks, CNN’s big “gotcha” moment is nothing more than a dud.

The 37-count indictment against Trump accuses him of willfully retaining national defense information, but none of those charges are related to the Iran memo. It seems that the liberals’ hopes of finding a smoking gun against Trump have once again been dashed. Maybe they should try looking somewhere other than their imaginations next time.

According to sources, it’s even unclear if the Iran memo was ever recovered. So how exactly does CNN have an audio recording of Trump discussing a document that may not even exist? It smells fishy, doesn’t it?

But of course, Trump is denying any wrongdoing. In typical Trump fashion, he boldly proclaims that he did nothing wrong and that the whole thing is a hoax. And you know what? He’s probably right. The man had a desk full of papers – newspapers, magazines, plans, you name it. It’s not surprising that the Democrats are trying to make something out of nothing.

Apparently, the meeting where the leaked recording took place was focused on Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Trump was discussing Milley’s efforts to undermine him during his presidency, and the allegedly classified document supposedly discredits any criticism against him. It’s no wonder the Democrats are latching onto this non-story like a dog with a bone. They’re desperate to make Trump look bad, even if it means twisting the truth.

In the end, this case is just another example of the Democrats’ never-ending attempt to take down Trump. But the truth is, they will stop at nothing to smear his name and tarnish his legacy. Thankfully, we conservatives see through their lies and will continue to stand by our former president. Keep fighting, Trump. We’ve got your back.

Written by Staff Reports

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