Trump Exposes Judge’s Bias in Jan 6th Case: See Chutkan’s Shocking Claims!

In a stunning revelation, Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump has exposed Judge Tanya Chutkan’s blatant bias against him in the January 6th case. Using his brilliant detective skills, Trump dug up a court document that reveals Chutkan’s true feelings about him. According to the document, Chutkan boldly exclaimed, “IT’S A BLIND LOYALTY TO ONE PERSON WHO, BY THE WAY, REMAINS FREE TO THIS DAY.” Oh, the horror!

Clearly, Chutkan is incapable of being fair and impartial when it comes to Trump. She has shown her true colors by complaining about another defendant’s “blind loyalty” to the former president. She even went as far as saying, “I SEE THE VIDEOTAPES. I SEE THE FOOTAGE OF THE FLAGS AND THE SIGNS…AND THE HATS…AND THE GARB.” It’s almost as if she’s trying to make Trump look bad! How dare she?

Trump rightfully pointed out Chutkan’s biased statements on Truth Social, and boy, was she angry about it. She warned Trump’s lawyers that politics had no place in her courtroom. Excuse me, Judge Chutkan, but aren’t you the one injecting politics into this case with your outrageous comments? It seems like you’re the one who needs a reality check.

But wait, there’s more. Julie Kelly, a brilliant conservative writer, also noticed Chutkan’s prejudice. She called out the judge for expressing her anger that Trump was “still ‘free'” during a sentencing hearing. How can someone who is supposed to uphold justice harbor such animosity towards a former president? It’s mind-boggling.

Kelly shared a court document that recorded Chutkan claiming the events of January 6th were an “attempt to violently overthrow the government.” Seriously, Judge Chutkan? We all know that was just a peaceful protest gone awry. It’s disgraceful that you would buy into the left’s false narratives about that day.

To make matters worse, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes chimed in, calling out Chutkan’s false statement of law. He exposed her Jamaican-born roots and even hinted at her “hardcore communist” political ancestry. Is this the kind of judge we want presiding over important cases? Absolutely not!

It’s clear as day that Judge Chutkan is biased against Trump and has a personal vendetta against him. Her prejudiced remarks and rulings should raise serious concerns about her ability to administer fair justice. We need judges who uphold the rule of law, not ones who let their personal feelings dictate their decisions. Stay strong, Trump, and keep fighting against this unfair treatment!

Written by Staff Reports

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